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The best work and responsible decisions concerning client care can only be made in an environment of transparency and information.

As a leading educator in my field, I offer workshops with comprehensive, nuanced information about surrogate partner therapy.

My workshops benefit therapy providers, educational institutions, certifying organizations, and conference organizers.

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Sample Workshops and Lectures

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Introduction to Surrogate Partner Therapy

This workshop examines the use of surrogate partner therapy (SPT) as a supplemental treatment for patients experiencing severe impediments to physical and/or emotional intimacy.

Since its introduction into the therapeutic community by Masters and Johnson in the 1970s, SPT has been a powerful, if often misunderstood, therapeutic tool.

This 1.5-hour lecture is designed for providers and educators who want clarity and understanding around this modality. We will cover

  • a brief history of SPT.

  • typical presenting issues that benefit from SPT.

  • overview of the SPT process.

  • overarching philosophies of SPT.

  • ethics and legality.

Understanding Surrogate Partner Therapy

This 4-hour workshop begins with Introduction to Surrogate Partner Therapy and then delves into case studies that demonstrate how theory and practice come together in real-world scenarios.

Attendees will analyze and discuss case studies, focused on key elements of the unique relationship between surrogate partner and client:

  • transference

  • counter-transference

  • relationship modeling

  • applying lessons learned to outside relationships

  • evolution of the surrogate-client relationship throughout the work

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Experiencing Surrogate Partner Therapy

This full-day extended workshop includes Introduction to Surrogate Partner Therapy and an exploration of representative case studies.

After nuanced discussion of ethics, legality, and the practical application of surrogate partner therapy, attendees will practice concrete, hands-on activities that demonstrate the application of SPT theory.

Activities such as “May I, Will You?,” Sensate Body Scan, and Object Sensate Focus help clients explore effective communication and promote sensual awareness. Workshop activities heavily feature dialogue and group processing. Activities do not include shared touch between attendees.

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"Brian Gibney is the go-to expert on surrogate partner therapy. I have relied on his expertise and invited him year after year to teach at the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute, where he has been one of our most popular instructors. He has been invaluable as a guest lecturer in front of hundreds of attendees at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. Brian is an important voice in the field; he is warm, articulate, informative, thoughtful, and approachable."

Tammy Nelson, PhD; Director, Integrative Sex Therapy Institute

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