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Misinformation has complicated many clinician’s feelings about surrogate partner therapy. However, surrogate partner therapy is both ethical and legal, as outlined in this statement by the Surrogate Partner Collective.

Ofer Zur, PhD and internationally renowned specialist on ethics in the therapeutic world, has compiled a useful introduction to the ethics of surrogate partner therapy.

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The Surrogate Partner Therapy Episode

They Talk Sex, with Host Elle Stanger

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Exploring the Art of Surrogate Partner Therapy: Michelle Renee and Brian Gibney

Sex and Chronic Illness, with Host Dr. Lee Philips

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Surrogate Partner Therapy with Brian Gibney

MS and Sex, with Host Cara Griswold

Griswold, Cara. (Host). (2021, February 15) Surrogate Partner Therapy with Brian Gibney [Audio podcast episode]. In MS and Sex.

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Surrogate Partner Therapy -- Brian Gibney

The Better Sex Podcast, with Host J. Zimmerman

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Local Resources

I maintain a list of therapists and practitioners who support working with surrogate partners.

Would you like more information? Get in touch with me.

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