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Your questions are not unique.
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Surrogate partner therapy relies on resources, philosophies, and techniques that most clinicians simply haven't been exposed to. You may feel uncertain or intimidated by the possibility of collaborating with practitioners who use touch in their work.

As a practitioner with years of experience working with clients, educating providers, and facilitating collaboration between talk and touch professionals, I can help.

Consulting: Services
Wild Mushrooms

If you’re here because you want to provide the best services possible for your clients, you are in the right place.

Consultations can include...

  • Discussion of benefits and limitations of various touch modalities

  • Comparison of best practices in touch-based modalities

  • Professional networking and referrals of vetted practitioners

  • Matching modalities to client needs

  • Understanding benefits and challenges in triadic collaboration

  • Navigating concerns over professional ethics, legality, liability, and licensing 

  • Informing talk therapy practices with perspective from touch-based techniques and exercises

Could you use some support?
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